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CalRHA News Update May 31, 2023

SB 466 (Costa-Hawkins Repeal) STOPPED!

Good news! Thanks to your response to CalRHA's calls to action, and the tremendous efforts of our affiliates and lobbyists, one of this year's worst rental housing bills has been stopped.

Senate Bill 466 would have eliminated many of the exemptions from local rent control that multifamily property owners now have under the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995 (Costa Hawkins). Costa Hawkins exempts properties constructed after 1995 (or from an earlier date if local rent control went into effect prior to 1995) from local rent control ordinances. Senate Bill 466 would have eliminated these important exemptions.

  • Senate Bill 466 would, after 28 years following issuance of a certificate of occupancy, have subjected multifamily rental properties with 5 or more units to local rental control laws.
  • Local price controls on rental rates for newer construction would have discouraged new housing development and perhaps forced housing providers out of the rental housing business entirely and only would have exacerbated the State’s housing shortages and housing affordability issues.

Victories like these are critical to managing rental housing costs. Please consider providing us with the resources to continue fighting off threats to your investments here

With gratitude for all your support.

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